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a few days ago when i was getting to the new northern line entrance in st pancras station, i found that the upper deck originally sealed off has been open. so i decided to go up and found out that it is the platforms for the 1st UK domestic high speed service - the southeastern highspeed (seems it is also called the javelin for the olympic express shuttle it's doing in 2012) -

st pancras station
high speed trains on platforms in st pancras station

i found the train stops at 'stratford international', which i looked up on google map and found it's not the stratford station i used to change trains. so i decided to go check it out today. the following are what i have found: olympic village under construction, new stratford international station for high speed trains, javelin train with refreshing interiors that don't look like your normal national rail trains and the end of st pancras station which i never spent time looking carefully :)

photo set - http://www.flickr.com/photos/770/sets/72157623653646019/

youtube clip 1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HM14V6Qh6Dc

youtube clip 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YM4eg1MCpp8
dramatic statistics regarding the 香港(hongkong) hashtag in sina weibo, mainland china's own version of twitter which is censored to ensure no anti-government messages are posted -

1. top 3 in the ranking are gigi leung (488200+ fans), joey yung (371800+ fans) and peter kam (80870+ fans). #3 is so behind the top 2! for your ease of comparsion, the top most-followed person in the whole weibo is actress yao chen (姚晨), with a fan base of 1329350+

2. harbour city (33000 fans, #8) is the only commercial (non-individual entity) id at the top 10, & jonathan sin (@jonathansin on twitter, 24600 fans, #10) is the only non-entertainment celebrity.

3. possible derived fact on the perception of 香港(hongkong) in mainlanders' eyes? - they really love shopping in hongkong; and hongkong is of no serious concern to them except pop & shopping cultures :*(
27th-Sep-2009 12:13 pm - open house london . part 2
king's cross construction skills centre

king's cross construction skills centre by david morley

photo link
official website

view of bishopgate tower

201 bishopgate and the broadgate tower by SOM

photo link
official website

fairmule house

the fairmule house by quay2c

photo link
the architect's page on the building
25th-Sep-2009 02:10 pm - 100% Design 2009
The show is downscaled this year probably due to the economic situation, with many of the international players simply disappeared. Products displayed in the main hall looks a bit conventional in general, most of them look pragmatic, modest and thus unattactive to me, giving 100% is supposed to be big & innovative.

As a result, there're not too many photos taken, and these are the relatively interesting ones.

teckell football game at designer block
teckell football game at designer block section

designer block
'City Life is Crap' by clare louise acheson

The creation which caught my attention most is this table created by german Daniel Rohr -

daniel rohr at designer block

daniel rohr at designer block

daniel rohr at designer block

daniel rohr at designer block

The metal frame is concave at the top like a CRT of an old-fashioned TV facing upwards. A transparent perspex top is placed above the frame (the designer said it would be glass top at intent for final production). Objects on top of the table seems floating above the frame because of the seemingly invisible glass top by the inllusion of the concave-shaped base.

video for the making of colander on youtube

The Bike Feature is a section dedicated to bicycle-related products - the best section in the show this year. There is an element of fun & humour in this section.

the bike feature

There's also an Irish design corner at the main hall -

irish corner

full photo set here
24th-Sep-2009 07:28 am - open house london . part 1
london open house last weekend provides a valuable opportunity for the general public to get behind the doors of many public and private properties to have a look on what's inside.

i have visited the following few -

the foreign & commonwealth office
foreign & commonwealth office

photo link
official website

kings place
kings place

photo link
official website

...to be continued
12th-Sep-2009 09:39 pm - gensler on twitter!
just discovered that Gensler is on twitter, and not only 1 account, but 3!!!




something else. selfridges oxford street's display for AW2009

1st-Sep-2009 12:25 am - notting hill carnival 2009
notting hill carnival 2009

this is the 3rd notting hill carnival i have been to.

not sure if it is because of the parade starting early this year, or we just miss some of the more lavish groups, i seem to catch fewer costume groups and beautiful floats this year. hope it is not because of credit crunch :/

notting hill carnival 2009

notting hill carnival 2009

nevertheless it is still a good day out, with the sun and beats and yummy caribbean food around - just see how many people turn out on the streets! :D

notting hill carnival 2009
can't see the end of the crowd

notting hill carnival 2009
everybody out on streets

notting hill carnival 2009
queuing for jerk chicken was over half an hour >_<

full photo set here

video link 1

video link 2

street art wanchai . 02
street art at gresson street, wanchai
27th-Jun-2009 01:33 pm - foundation beyeler
foundation beyeler

foundation beyeler

this is the 2nd time i visited foundation beyeler museum in basel, switzerland. the 1st time i visited is 7 years ago, i still remember it is a rainy day. we were in a hurry on the day to vitra museum nearby so i didn't spend much time around the museum except browsing the collection inside.

this time, the weather is absolutely wonderful, and i have much time before meeting my friends upon arrival in the morning. so i decided to have a full exploration of this beautiful museum and its surroundings.

foundation beyeler

foundation beyeler
the museum seems to be blending into the surroundings well, greens grow on the burgundy stone wall, creating a vertical field echoing the fields around. when wind blows, the leaves sing -

foundation beyeler

foundation beyeler

giacometti retrospective is on show - over 100 works are displayed, not all sculptures, but still a very impressive chance to see such a collection in 1 place. i missed this show in paris last year, so happy that i could catch it here in basel.

foundation beyeler
on the other half of the museum, masterpieces from contemporary artists are displayed together with some primitive/local arts from africa & oceania.

foundation beyeler
and at the basement gallery, franz west's works are creating an interesting view.
full photo set here
24th-Jun-2009 12:51 pm - this is london || 05-21.06.2009
this is london || 21.06.2009

this is 2012 olympic stadium under construction
this is a massive regeneration plan to transform the east

this is london || 20.06.2009

this is sale time.
this is waiting time.

this is london || 19.06.2009

this is summer in the barbican.
this is a temporary pavilion next to the residential flats & the water.

this is london || 16.06.2009

this is shoreditch.
this is street life in east end.

this is london || 11.06.2009

this is reflections.
this is non-character.

this is london || 05.06.2009

this is transition.
this is rush.
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